Welcome to our website in honor of Debbie Smith.  On September 15th, 2014 my sister Debbie was tragically killed in an automobile accident on her way home from working an evening shift as a nurse at the Bonnechere Manor in Renfrew, Ontario. The driver of the other vehicle was distracted and therefore ran through the red light hitting my sister, he was unharmed. Our family would like to do something special to honor her memory. We have decided to raise money to set up an educational fund in Debbie’s name so that she will never be forgotten. Proceeds from our fundraising events  would go to a local high school student or students that have enrolled in a registered nursing program. Debbie was a beloved nurse for more than 20 years, by setting up this annual bursary we will be continuing to keep her memory alive and we would also be helping students achieve their goals of becoming a registered nurse.

You can donate online to support our cause by going to: https://www.gofundme.com/f/deborah-smith-scholarship-fund or by cheque payable to Susan Smith  c/o ” Deborah Smith Scholarship Fund” (mail all cheques  to Susan Smith  76 Front Street P.O. Box 252 Campbell’s Bay Quebec J0X 1K0) or send an e-transfer to rememberdebbie2014@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “WELCOME TO OUR SITE

  1. I was a coworker of Debbie’s at Bonnechere Manor. We, as a family, will be walking. I will need a sponser sheet. Thank you.


    1. Hi please send me a link so I can make a donation as I am four hours away sadly I will not be able to do the walk but would like to donate please contact me thank you


  2. Debbie was always Unique,we where beastie’s in highschool…going to the Bay and then to the rink to see (___) going to my 1st dance with her….oh what fun we had ..I always remember how she had to have her socks back in the day they had balls on the back and she just had to have them perfect…with life you loose touch we all moved in different directions..taking nothing away from the family ect ..I miss her so much!!! I do remember a school dance and bonnie L dressing up as boy George much memories…and even back then I was a boston fan with the jersery!! now 100% a leaf fan lol…we shared so much and she will always be alive inside my heart!!! Colleen Megrath-Deneault


  3. I started the Nursing program with Cegep Heritage in the Pontiac in August 2013. In June 2015, I had a baby, and despite the challenge, I decided to continue on with my dream of becoming a nurse. I received the Debbie Smith Memorial Bursary in the fall of 2015. It helped me so much for the winter semester with my travelling expenses, parking fees at both the college as well as the hospitals, and also for my books. This last semester I was studying medical surgical nursing. I will have to re rake it next winter, as I was unsuccessful this past semester in my nursing class. I am still hoping though to get into the fall program, but it is currently full.
    I never had the chance of meeting Debbie or knowing her but my mother knew her and told me she was such a kind person and a wonderful nurse. I had the pleasure of meeting Susan when I received the Bursary last fall. She shared a story with me that was similar to the situation I am in and her story gave me hope and encouragement of one day becoming a registered nurse. To be able to say that Debbies Bursary has helped me towards getting to that day makes me so proud and honored and I couldn’t thank you enough for that.


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